Monday, August 3, 2020

Why you should clean your computer/PC

Why you should clean your computer/PC

Here by cleaning I don’t mean the software part like the files and folders but the actual physical cleaning of a computer.

This is a very important topic as many people including you must be very excited to build a new gaming or streaming or just simple browsing PC and then …………… you just keep it like that.

You might have dust filters where the fans are and think that they will help you in preventing the dust build up and to be honest the good filters definitely do a very good job in preventing the dust build up but it can only help you so much. Eventually dusts starts to break in and starts accumulating in the PC cabinet or chassis.

At first you might think it is not a big deal. I mean you do not live in a dust free vacuum environment nobody does so dust build up is quite normal you cannot completely prevent it rather you can try to clean it.

It is not like you have to clean your PC everyday!!! You can do it 4 times a year taking a 3 month interval between each cleaning day.

But why must you clean your computer ?

You see dust is a type of insulator and insulator obviously insulates and causes things to get hot.

So think that you have installed your CPU chassis with fans to take in fresh  air from outside and
Cool down the PC parts inside the chassis.But due to excessive dust build up on your dust filter you are not able to draw the fresh air from outside rather the fans are just circulating the heat inside the PC cabinet only.

Sometimes it is also evident that the dust build up prevents your fans from spinning which in turn raises the temperature inside the chassis.

Dust can also cover up your motherboard entirely which will not be a very peaceful experience for you trust me on that as motherboard gets hot during it on time and with a layer of dust sitting
on it it will get even hotter and degrade the performance.

Your CPU cooler might face the same problem when the cooler heat sinks get all clogged up and provide inadequate cooling for your processor….in this case you might also experience thermal throttling due to overheating of your CPU.This will result in performance slowness and degradation.

You know what is the best thing about cleaning all of this dust build up in your computer is it just takes merely 10-15 mins. Just calculate the amount of time taken as mentioned above to do this cleaning 4 times a year so 4 X 20 mins per year which is just 80 mins or 1hr 20mins.

So if you just invest 1hr 20mins per year for cleaning your computer you can avoid major problems which can arise due to this dust build up and can essentially increase the life of your PC parts and maintain their optimal performance.

Now that time investment is clear let us see what are the monetary investments that we can do to get this cleaning done.

It is fairly cheap and effective to invest in a portable or wired air blower to remove dust build up from your computer as this will make your job fairly very easy.

You just need to take your computer out in a place where you would want to take off the dust and then just blast it away with the blower and you are good to go with a fairly dust free PC.

You will be surprised if you see the thermal results of before and after cleaning a PC.
Normally many people just keep their PC very dusty and then wonder why it is getting hot and having all those performance issues with it.By just physically cleaning the PC you can see huge improvement in the performance of the computer.

You might wonder that by using a blower you might harm your computer components like fans will spin at a very higher rate than which it is rated due to the blower blowing air into it or motherboard which is exposed to the air from the blower will get damaged , its capacitors or VRMs will not function properly but be rest assured nothing of such magnitude will happen so you can relax and just clean your computer without any tension.

Don’t go overboard while buying a blower just buy something that is very much affordable and has good reviews on famous electronic shopping sites that you trust and from where you buy quite often.


I would Just like to say that as exciting and fun it is to build a new system you must also take responsibility to keep it clean and it is not only for aesthetics to keep it looking as new but this is also to keep it performing as if it is a new build every time you use it.

Dust can cause overheating and performance degradation of your PC parts which can lower the life of the components so for preventing this just invest your 1hr 20mins per year and also in an affordable dust blower to clean your PC and enjoy !!!!.

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