Wednesday, September 9, 2020

What is happening to PUBG ban in India ????

What is happening to PUBG ban in India ????

PUBG a very well known first person shooter game which has been loved by millions of indians has been banned in India on 2nd september 2020 in an attempt to shield the people of india from data privacy and security concerns along with 118 other chinese apps.

Many people are experiencing the app closure like games not opening or app not updating and Indians have already started showing their disregard with banning the gaming app by uploading a butt load of videos online ...which are actually hilarious to see….

However this decision of banning PUBG has caused Tencent Games which is a chinese tech giant having rights in distributing PUBG in India a huge loss amounting to $14 billion in market value. Tencent Games has 10% share stake in PUBG.

With the things moving forward as it is many streamers and online creators are facing a state of shock with the current news as they were the income generating sources for them but the PUBG ban rollout is still under process though.

But with the PUBG app and peoples’ love for it , PUBG corporation has recently decided to cut off it’s ties with the Chinese Tech giant Tencent Games as the distributor of the app in INDIA.

This decision had to be taken as PUBG had approximately 35 million + active users from India which gave a boost to the PUBG corporation revenue making it compete with the very well known apps like netflix , amazon prime etc. PUBG is rated as one of the most downloaded and used app in India.

There is quite a relief after hearing such a decision from the PUBG corporation itself regarding the distribution of app in India but even though such a decision is taken there is a very big catch to one of the aspects of the involvement of Tencent Games.

The real problem is that Tencent Games is not just the distributor of the PUBG app but it also has its hands in the game development department which actually threatens the decisions of the PUBG corporations as a whole.This might cause a threat to removing the ban on the PUBG app as it will be viewed as a violation of the rule due to which the ban was originally placed.

But as of now some people in india are able to update the game also videos on youtube are uploaded by certain youtubers who have successfully updated their PUBG mobile apps to a newer version 1.0 with the new Erangel map , different Royale Pass Season , tweaking done to Cheer Park and Training Ground and some improvements to Livik.

There is still indecision in the air regarding the PUBG ban as the PUBG corporation is still in discussion with the ministry regarding this. We will come to know the final verdict whether the PUBG app has a place in the Indian App store or not from the Indian Government in the coming days.

Would love to hear from you people regarding the decision of banning the PUBG mobile app by the Indian government as a matter to protect the people of India from data privacy and security. 

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