Tuesday, August 4, 2020

PC running Slow ? Can more RAM fix this ?

PC running Slow ? Can more RAM fix this ?

Short Answer : NO!!!

Long Answer: …..Read for yourself and enjoy !!

A lot of people generally face this problem and are quick enough to think that they might need more RAM just because either they know that RAM is a component which makes your computer operate at higher speed or simply because someone might have suggested increasing the RAM capacity.

Now for instance suppose you have 32 Gigabytes of RAM installed on your PC. You too can experience slowness even though you are not using your RAM memory to the fullest like running demanding softwares , playing AAA titles and doing some browsing simultaneously.

So in this case are you going to upgrade your RAM memory more ?

No right ! because even though you do decide to upgrade it to 64 Gigabytes or 128 Gigabytes it just won’t matter !!!

The problem is not that you don’t have enough RAM on your PC, it's that your data storage solution is just not fast enough.

Now you might think “Just WHY ?”

The problem here is that you think that your computer is lagging behind fetching the data that you want because of slow memory and you are absolutely RIGHT about that no doubt.

But the main question here is which MEMORY ?

You see there are essentially 2 types of memory that people tend to address when talking about a computer or PC.

  • A physical memory like a Hard Disk Drive or a Solid State Drive (There are many other solutions available in markets) on which the data is stored permanently. That is even if you switch off the PC these data bytes won’t get lost and you can still access them when you switch on your computer the next time you wish to.

  • The Volatile memory which is happily known as the RAM it’s also called as the dynamic memory. Now there is a main reason for it’s naming and that because the data stored on the RAM is lost it disappears when you power down your PC. Also the RAM available in such small capacities is because this is not a permanent storage solution .RAM is not meant to store your data like a HDD or SSD is made to do. In fact it is made to store only those small cache of data that is accessed quite frequently by your CPU just to make things a lot faster instead of making your CPU go fetch those data from the HDD or SSD which can make your loading time increase. So RAM aids the CPU to access data for the task that you want your Computer to perform by simply caching the small amount of data that is constantly accessed by your processor.

The data that your CPU wants must be available to it fast enough and for that no matter how much capacity of RAM you have or how fast your RAM is, it won't matter if you don't have a fast and reliable data storage solution to back it up with.

If you are using a good CPU and RAM combo and you are using a slow HDD to store your data it will generally take time to boot if your OS partition is placed in that slow HDD and your favorite game will take time to load , your browser will take time to load etc in all everything will feel slow.

Now if you decide to just make one change JUST ONE !

Try replacing your HDD with a SSD….. and thank me later !

After you replace the HDD with a SSD you will notice an incredible amount of snappy performance boost that you thought was due to lack of RAM primarily.
Your OS will load in less than half of the time required by your HDD to load it.Your games if at all stored in your SSD will also load faster as compared to your HDD.

This One small change can make your life smooth and easy. And if at all this replacement from an HDD to a SSD is a first for you then I am pretty sure that you will find it very difficult to go back to a HDD.

If you think that data storage is not that important as explained above ….just try one thing and then you will know for yourself…

If you are building a new PC then do everything except changing your data storage solution i.e keep the old HDD as it is and make your new dream computer build with a nice high-end CPU , faster and more powerful RAM etc.
Having the same OLD HDD on which your OS is installed will make you feel slow even with all those nice , fast and expensive hardware components and I am very much positive about it.

So I would like to end this post just by saying that almost 90% of the time people don’t cover all the bases before coming to a particular conclusion regarding the slowness of their PC and innocently think that RAM is what’s needed. Which can cost a bit if you are thinking of upgrading to a more advanced fast RAM. But in reality what's actually need is just a small tiny replacement of their HDD with a SSD which doesn't cost as much as a new RAM would cost and just this small replacement can cause a big difference to your loading times and the performance of your PC without having to do a lot of major changes.

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