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Best budget membrane Gaming Keyboard under 1500 Rs : Red Gear Blaze 3 and 7 MT01 review

Red Gear a brand specialized in making best budget gaming accessories at a very pocket friendly rate. Some of the accessories include gaming keyboards , mouse , headsets etc. And well when we hear the word gaming we think of lighting and these products don't skimp out on them.

I have been using a "Gaming Keyboard" sold by Red Gear for quite some time now as the keyboard was within my budget and also seemed aesthetically pleasing at that time for me.

Below are some of the things I liked and disliked about this budget gaming keyboard , just wanted to post this as anyone buying or wanting to buy keyboards from Red Gear should be a 100% clear on what to expect from them.

Best budget gaming keyboard Red Gear
Three static colors of Red Gear Gaming blaze keyboard 

Personal Experiences

1. Packaging :

  • Now many people don't consider this to be very important but let me tell you if a company is serious about their product they would definitely want the customers to be happy with their packaging when the product arrives at their door step and also how sturdy it feels making sure that the item inside will be safe.

Red Gear Gaming Keyboard packaging , best budget gaming keyboard
Packaging  quality of Red Gear keyboards

  • Now the packaging of the Red Gear Blaze gaming keyboard is pretty good. As you can see from the picture above there is a single layered padding of curved cardboard between 2 cardboard slabs making the package sturdy and solid giving you a feeling that the keyboard inside will remain safe.

2. Keyboard Built:

Red Blaze keyboard front side , best budget gaming keyboard
Red gear blaze gaming keyboard front side

Red Blaze keyboard back side , best budget gaming keyboard
Red gear blaze gaming keyboard back side

  • The built of this keyboard actually surprised me the price range it was in I did not expect it to have such a good built quality.

  • The body of the keyboard is made of strong aluminium and is quite sturdy. And this aluminium shroud completely covers the whole body of this keyboard back and front adding to its stability.

  • It is a bit heavy because of the aluminium shroud but the quality you get out of it is satisfying and also since its a keyboard you wont take it and roam around that much.

  • It does not have any sharp corners which can cut you accidentally rather they have polished corners keeping that in mind.

  • Also the Aluminium used used has a matt finish to it which means you wont get any fingerprints on it and also the surface feels smooth.

  • If you raise extenders given at the bottom of the keyboard the extended aluminium body towards the front of the keyboard can somewhat as your palm rests which can be helpful during prolonged working hours.

  • The Aluminium shroud also extends till the back giving a curved nice look and protecting the braided cable from excess movement just in case.  
Red Gear Gaming Key board best budget keyboard
Red Gear Gaming Keyboard back side

3. Attached USB cable:

braided cable of Red Gear gaming keyboard
Braided cable 

  • The USB cable that's attached to this Red Gear gaming keyboard is braided and also to mention is of a very good quality.

  • You will like the material , it is flexible soft yet strong.

  • The cable is also sufficiently long for easy attachment behind the case cabinet on the motherboard.

4. The Keys:

  • The keys on this gaming keyboard are GOOD ... they have a nice travel to them and also you get this spring feeling every time you press a key.

  • The backlighting is also very good and bright for a keyboard of this price range.

RED , Blue , Purple Backlight Red Gear Gaming Keyboard
Backlight view 3 colors red gear keyboard

  • The keys feel nice and secured to the place and don't wobble around too much as you would expect in a budget gaming keyboards.

  • This gaming keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard but it gives the feel and look of it somewhat.

  • This is a membrane keyboard with floating keys.

  • while playing games with this keyboard I did not find any sort of lagging in terms of the action inputs also felt nice with the membrane as it was giving a nice floating pressing feel of the keys.

5. Useful Features :

  • Since this is a gaming keyboard it must have some useful feature keeping gaming in mind and also some real world experiences.

  • This gaming keyboard has the Windows Lock function. This essentially means that pressing the windows button with this feature activated won't bring up the windows menu. This is a very good feature which can be used during gaming and also during normal day-to-day tasks where you dont want to bring up the windows options menu after accidentally pressing the windows button. This can be activated by pressing function key (fn) + Windows Key.

  • The second useful feature is mostly favored towards gamers i.e 19 anti-ghosting keys. This is a feature in which if you press multiple keys at once , all those keys get registered simultaneously without any delay. this is very much useful while playing the games in which you  are required to do many things at once.

6. Some things I didn't like :

  • The print on the keys it is not very good without the light , infact you cannot make out properly what is written without turning the backlight.

  • The Num lock , Capslock and windows key activated indicators(Top right corner three blue lighting placed next to each other) are pretty bright and don't go along that well with the rest of the keyboard lighting.

  • Only provides 3 colors (or 7 colors depending upon the product) and those colors cannot be mixed and matched with other remaining colors for some combination. Only one color backlight can be used at a time.

7. Below are the collective specifications of this Red Gear Gaming Keyboard:

  • Floating key caps for mechanical feel.
  • 3 LED color backlight.
  • Windows key lock.
  • Floating Switch: 45g trigger pressure.
  • Aluminum structure.
  • 19 keys anti-ghost.


Best budget membrane Gaming Keyboard under 1500 Rs : Red Gear Blaze 3 and 7 MT01 review

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