Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Which Desktop Processor to choose in 2020 ? | Intel or AMD

I personally think that in today’s time people would choose AMD over intel with no doubt as AMD has made huge improvements in their architecture with the Ryzen series desktop processors which not only gives a performance boost but is also an affordable option.

Due to this introduction of the CPU lineup from AMD , Intel was forced to do many things which would seem unreal for people to think about if such competition had not taken place.

Intel started introducing a new lineup of next gen processors with prices almost half of what the perv gen processors were marked , introducing hyperthreading to its consumer low to mid level CPUs , making desktop processors available at more affordable prices etc.

AMD after introducing Ryzen till now have maintained the market momentum for them and they are still going strong with the Ryzen 3rd gen lineup and the new XT series refreshed processors.

Also the price and performance offered is right on point for the AMD side.

Doesn't matter Intel or AMD :

But if we consider the budget price point which is the majority market where people spend for a low to mid range build going with Intel or AMD is good and does not make any big  performance difference.

The i5 is not a bad choice as we can get somewhat similar performance close to a ryzen 5 series 3rd gen processor which is quite good and also recently intel has lowered the prices of the CPUs as well.

In certain cases the Intel CPUs beat the ryzen processors just by a bit but the similar is true when the ryzen beats intel processors the winning margin is not so great that it will be a huge deal breaker for someone who is inclined to buy an intel cpu.

Ryzen offers more cores and higher clock speeds and recently for sake of competing intel has also started increasing the clock speeds of the CPUs and intel as we know them for their single core performance also benefits from this higher clock speeds sometimes outperforming the Ryzen processors.

In the real world use case scenario too an average consumer does not need a lot of cores for doing their day to day work in fact having somewhat average no of cores (between 4 to 6 ) with good clock speed and performance is good enough.

Ryzen and Intel are both producing CPUs which are very well equipped in accomplishing such tasks at the medium average consumer level as the requirements are not so great that going with either will not be a deal breaker.

AMD for the best :

But the real difference will be seen at high end enthusiast level where the increased cores and clock speed are very much needed for the high demanding tasks this is where we can see Intel lacking as AMD just dominates them as they have just a lot of options for the processors which have higher cores and clock speeds and intel have just started to introduce higher cores with the clock speed with the i7/i9 lineup but the price difference between them and the ryzen processors are where they lose the consumers from them.

With the AMDs current road map of processors the 7nm refreshed and 5nm architecture of processors are what has peaked the interest of consumers as these are not just any numbers but the desired numbers by the people who are interested in the computer world as we want to see the performance of such inventions.

And sadly these inventions are only being announced at the AMD end and no such interesting traces of architecture are found from Intel so I think that this is another major reason why consumers are opting for AMD over intel as such new interesting discoveries can be provided by AMD at the moment.

Conclusion :

I think for the general purpose public currently by going Intel or AMD won't be a deal breaker as they both are very much capable of providing best user experience for the price be it gaming or some light weight software use because they both can do the work very well.

But for higher end enthusiasts I think AMD might be the way to go as the various lineup of the processor choice they offer at the affordable price point which might help people in choosing the perfect CPU which suits their needs and budget.

AMD with their road map of CPUs have made the general public aware of the advancements that they have thought out hence made people more interested in their system as the advancement is not just some refreshment but a solid foundation of a new architecture hence capturing a large market share and attention and also a reason to choose AMD over Intel .


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