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TARKAN Foldable Wooden Laptop Desk for Bed (Walnut Black) under 700Rs : Review

Hi All .... today I am writing a review of the TARKAN foldable laptop desk which I have recently purchased from Amazon for 699₹ and sharing my first impressions and experiences with it till now.

As the Work From Home season has started again and everybody has to get down or get up for their meeting in their cosy beds , it was really difficult to have all the devices spread out on bed or sofa and work . Especially the laptop which has become a major workforce medium .

I am starting this review by stating how I had received the package in the first place then followed by the physical aspects of the foldable wooden board :-

  • So the TARKAN Foldable Wooden Laptop Desk was handed over to me in a cardboard packaging with the FRAGILE instruction written over it (Nice to Know)
  • and when I had opened the package , there were thermocol paddings at the 4 corners and also on the upper and down side of the wooden laptop desk.
  • The laptop desk itself was packed in a plastic polythene packing.

So to summarise the packaging part I was plenty happy with it no complaints.

Moving onto the physical aspects:

Starting From the top of the board :-

  • We get a solid wooden board with a shiny kind of sunmaica sheet placed over it. The sunmaica sheet has a glossy look to it with black and grey alternate stripes.
TARKAN Foldable Wooden Laptop Desk for Bed (Walnut Black)

  • The border of the wooden laptop table has a soft and malleable plastic casing in the shape of the wooden desk kind of like a finishing given to a product by border lining it.
Tarkan foldable laptop table glossy plastic stripe

  • The Plastic stripe seems to be adhered strongly to the wooden desk with a white stripe under it for extra coating.
  • Adding to the facilities there is also indent on the wooden board for keeping your mobile phones , tablets , KINDLE books , pens and a whole bunch of things which are thin and can be fitted in that slot.
Tarkan foldable wooden laptop desk cut out

  • There is a plastic bracket which is placed in the slot that is made on the wooden table. 
Tarkan foldable wooden laptop desk plastic bracket

Now moving to the bottom :-

  • The board has metal legs coated with white paint which one can clearly tell.
Tarkan foldable laptop table foldable metal legs white paint

  • looking below the wooden laptop desk has 4 hinges where the legs are attached to the 4 corners.
  • The board legs are metal and bent into a wave shaped  manner eliminating any sharp edges which is a big thumbs up.
Tarkan foldable laptop table foldable metal legs

  • Also to give extra cushioning there are 4  paddings on the foot of the foldable board. The pads on my board are of black colour and quite soft to touch. 
Tarkan foldable laptop table soft padding black

Quick to note advantages :-

  • The cut out on the wooden board also act as a very good cable management system for someone who is not very organised as the excess cables can be routed from the back.
  • There is also a very useful thing to be done you can keep you laptop a bit towards the edge so that the laptop bottom exhaust lines with the cut out on the board resulting in a much much better air flow and altogether cooler laptop.
  • The TARKAN Foldable Wooden Laptop Desk is quite light and can be easily picked up by any adult with no issues.
  • The shape of the board is such that one can bring it close to the body and have hand rests extending towards then for ease of  placing the hands for doing their respective work. (See in the picture).
Tarkan foldable laptop table

The Foldable board is white from the bottom just putting it out here incase anybody did not notice it in the pictures above.

Highlights of the foldable board :



Light weight can be used by anyone


Easily foldable no stiffness or wobble


Ok comfort


Feels sturdy enough to handle the weight of a laptop


Quite stable board no loose fittings or imbalances


No sharp edges whatsoever safe for kids


Feels durable enough to get the job done and last for a long time.

My personal Thoughts regarding the TARKAN Foldable Wooden Laptop Desk.

  • I think this wooden board is capable of doing its job actually this is my first time time owning something like this and till now I did not face any sort of inadequacy with this board. 
  • Being a IT professional I am using this board like everyday and not just that even in days off I am still using it as it has become quite a life save form keeping my laptop on my thighs to keeping it on this foldable wooden desk.
  • I must say I am quite happy with my purchase of this wooden desk at 699₹.
  • If this review of  "TARKAN Foldable Wooden Laptop Desk for Bed (Walnut Black)" helps anyone in making their decision or pf buying this or a foldable wooden desk similar to this then it will be my pleasure .
  • Also keep an eye out for the Amazon or flipkart sales where this desk or similar foldable wooden laptop desks can be found at amazingly low prices.

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