Saturday, April 10, 2021

Are HDDs worth today ?

Now in the year 2021 when everything is going digital Are HDDs still worth it ??

Short Answer ..... NO!!!!

Hard Disc Drives are clunky , chunky and heavy with myriad of other disadvantages.

The only good thing about them is cheap pricing and bulk storage as the SSDs are still available for a price double than those of the HDDs.

And yet it is strictly advised in todays time to invest a bit more into your storage solution and get an SSD.

Although the price difference is big the SSDs are still getting more and more in the affordable range for the general public to buy and take the benefit of greater speeds , lower power consumption and many more.

However the  heading "Are HDDs still worth it ??" does not mean that they are completely useless or they are not coping up with toddy's tech.

They are still a viable option as the BluRay videos on 4k or 8k quality are still read by the HDD with no problem as the HDDs can sufficiently handle the speeds of data transfer unless and until the data rates are changed at which these videos are made.

The one big drawback of HDDs are the multitasking capabilities while some other application is currently being accessed this can cause your HDD to crash as so many tasks require accessing multiple data in the real-time. As there is a mechanical pointer involved in this the data acquisition cannot be very fast as compared to a SSD where the data can be accessed using electricity which is much faster and also produces very less heat in the process.

If you can get a much better storage device by investing a bit more then why not go for it.


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