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boAt Rugged v3 Unbreakable best budget Braided Micro USB Cable 1.5 Meter Super Fast 2.4A Rapid Charge review

You all would be thinking why is this product boAt Rugged v3 Unbreakable best budget Braided Micro USB Cable 1.5 Meter even a topic to be mentioned in a blog. It seems so unimportant and often overlooked very much.It is just a charging cable and will sit in a corner attached to an adapter on a socket or perhaps lying somewhere in a room for some occasional use while transferring files or folder to and fro between the laptop / PC to mobile or tab  RIGHT...... yeah thought so.

But this soon changed for me when this became one of the most important thing in my house during this lock down due to the ongoing pandemic of Corona virus.

boAt Rugged v3 Extra Tough Unbreakable Braided Micro USB Cable 1.5 Meter

Life savior:

One day the PVC coated charging cables already being used in my house broke and to top it off no deliveries mostly in red zones during these tough times and this boAt v3 being the only micro USB cable to charge various devices in my house saved my day.

So I thought that this being a very close call for me and nobody should be left in this position as Work From Home is going on now and if we are left stranded like this then things don't turn out in our way.

It is best to at least get the right thing now rather than regretting it later.

below are some of my thoughts and experiences with the boAt Rugged v3 Extra Tough Unbreakable Braided Micro USB Cable which has become the #1 bestseller now.

Personal Experiences

Build quality:

  • This boAt charging cable is soo damn tough and durable. I  wish I could show you just the way I handle this charging micro USB cable.

  • This  Braided Micro USB Cable is advertised as having unbreakable braided cable made of some special polyethylene.Well no kidding there , you can test it out if you like. I think it is built keeping in mind the Indian household🤭.If it can survive in an Indian household it is surely durable.

  • Jokes apart the quality of this product is seriously kept in mind while manufacturing it , where in the braided material is also good and feels strong. It feels a bit rigid at first if you have been using a soft cable like PVC coated ones prior to it but with some daily usage you will become used to it.

  • Even after the mistreatment done on this cable it doesn't get fazed at all and it's still working the same as the day I got it delivered from Amazon sometime during March 2019.This might sound biased ...right but you have to use it to believe it.

  • All I can say is that in terms of built quality alone  this product was made to last and not just last but last Looooooong.

Charging experiences :

  • Even though I  was using a normal adapter to charge my mobile phone but I don't know how using this boAt micro USB cable charged my phone a bit faster. At first I thought that this is was something I might have mistakenly noticed. 

  • But  I looked at the specifications (Which I should have done before only 😅) I found that this product offers a rapid charge of 2.4A which is quite a nice feature and comes in handy.

Data transfers:

  • This did not seem any thing extraordinary it was normal and simple as a nice micro USB cable should perform while transferring data like files,folders,songs etc  

Extra Bonuses:
  • A very good thing is that the braided micro USB cable is long ....thank god.. 1.5 meter long which helps in case your switch boards or socket connectors are away from your bed or your work desk.

  • Another plus point it offers is that it does not get TANGLED .....hurray.... when things get tangled it usually gets irritating and its really frustrating when you need it but you have to untangle it 1st.

  • Now this point is for all the people out there who like to match colors or are just fan of a particular color. Because this is available in different colors like ivy green, pearl white, mystic purple etc.

  • Cherry on the cake boAt offers a 2 year warranty too for this already indestructible tough unbreakable braided micro USB cable.

The negative:

  • Now every good product has got some of its shortcoming as well . No product is a 100% perfect.

  • Some things that I observed after using it for a log time is that the micro USB connector gets a bit loose after its constant over long period of time.


This is the only thing I found to be considered in its weakness but considering everything else I find it quite compelling to buy it and think of it as a one time investment.


boAt Rugged v3 Unbreakable best budget Braided Micro USB Cable 1.5 Meter Super Fast 2.4A Rapid Charge review

Below are the specifications for boAt Rugged v3 Extra Tough Unbreakable Braided Micro USB Cable 1.5 Meter:

  • The boAt rugged cable features special toughest polyethylene braided jacket and this unique jacket provides greater protection than anything else you have seen in its class
  • Extra tough polyethylene terephthalate cable skin ensures 10000 plus bend lifespan, stress and stretch resistance.
  • The boAt rugged Micro USB cable is compatible with most android smartphones, windows phone, tablets, PC peripherals and other micro USB compatible devices
  • 2.4A rapid charge, fast data transmission and rapid speed to sync your device at the speed up to 480mbps
  • BoAt rugged micro USB cable offers a perfect 1.5 meters in length, optimized for an easy use for your comfort at home or office
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty

What the big selling platforms like Amazon and Flipkart are telling us about boAt Rugged v3 Unbreakable best budget Braided Micro USB Cable:


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4.4 STARS OUT OF 5 STARS - 273 RATINGS AND 51 consumer reviews - as on 17th June 2020

Hope this blog post regarding "boAt Rugged v3 Unbreakable best budget Braided Micro USB Cable 1.5 Meter" helps people out there to make valuable and smart choices.

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