Saturday, May 23, 2020

Why not to build a computer now - May 2020

Why not to build a computer right now , well even though you guys might think that Intel has released a new line-up of their 10th generation Ice Lake and Comet Lake CPUs  for their mobile processors and the desktop processors respectively.

Why not to build a computer now - May 2020

And also the prices released for those processors are not that much as compared to the last generation 9th gen Intel CPUs which can be compelling for the people out there to go out and buy them and build a brand new system for gaming , video editing , music compilation etc.

But I would advise  you not to buy any major PC component like a processor , GPU , motherboard yet as there are many amazing computer parts coming out later this year.

And I bet these new announcements will be so good that you might regret after building a new system right now.

Some well known announcements :

Desktop processors : 

  • AMD will be announcing their new 4000 series desktop processors based on the Ryzen Zen 3 TSMC's 7nm+ architecture.

  • We have already seen in many instances that the Ryzen CPUs are very much capable of  doing anything from hardcore gaming to heavy weight video editing and also to our surprise having a power consumption withing a permissible range which AMD was quite notorious for.

  • Even the 4000 series lineup of the mobile processors based on the the Zen 2 7nm architecture showed a very promising performance in the laptop line-up where we thought that only Intel can dominate.

  • Now even the last gen line-up of AMD Ryzen 3000 series desktop processors are competing very aggressively with the current 10th generation Intel processors namely the Comet Lake S their desktop line-up processors.

  • And as per the announcements from AMD the 4000 series desktop Ryzen processors will be having a huge performance boost over the currently available 3000 series Ryzen desktop series processors.

  • The 4000 series might be a mere refreshment of the previous 3000 series processors on paper but the the performance boost as per AMD is going to be huge.

  • As per AMD they only needed to bring about 7-8% improvement in this generation but as we know this company never ceases to amaze us , they have reportedly brought 15 -17% improvements over the last generation of 3000 series processors which is a very big thing.

  • Well to comment boldly on anything now won't be of much use rather if we wait for a while then we can surely catch these 4000 series desktop processors in their glory later this year preferably in the Q3 2020.

GPU Market:

  • Not only the CPU but also the GPU market will go into action as AMD will announce their new GPU BIG NAVI based on the 7nm RDNA 2 architecture.

  • with a promise of 50% improvement in performance per Watt as compared to their RDNA 1 architecture.

  • It is also rumored to support ray tracing and compete with the RTX 2080 standards.

  • This will be huge as NVIDIA wont shy away from the competition and wouldn't want to lose their dominance over the GPU market and will most probably bring about their new gaming GPU line-up preferably based on the 7nm Ampere architecture which they announced for the commercial cloud datacenters and Cloud services providers.


  • As these are some new processors they might not support the motherboard available now and might require a new motherboard. 

  • Like AMD had announced that only the 500 series motherboards will be supporting the Ryzen 4000 series desktop processors and other upcoming Ryzen processors.

  • But the people who just bought the 400 series AMD motherboard conveyed their dislike to which AMD responded positively that only selected 400 series motherboards will be supported that too with a BIOS update. However they have also made clear that going forward all the upcoming processors will require a new motherboard upgrade.

This blog post "Why not build a computer now - May 2020" is just my view on building a new computer right now in May 2020 seeing the market and upcoming launches but as always you guys are free to do anything,