Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Why you should build your own PC

Why you should build your own PC

Hello everyone here with another post and as you can see the title I’ll be talking about the benefits and joy that you get when you build your own PC with your own hands.

Early in the days when people set out to buy assembled PCs choosing the parts and deciding the build an extra cost was added for building the PC where only some people knew how to do it and honestly people were not even interested to do it they just wanted to have the PC without going through the hassle of building it.

But now times have changed and more and more people opt to build their own desktops by themselves as it seems fun and more importantly very very easy to build one.

As compared to the early days now most people wont even charge you for assembling your computer as it's not a chore any more and also its a way of compliment from the store where you buy your PC parts from.

But this is only applicable for basic build and sometimes a moderate difficult builds but for the rest high end custom made builds its obvious that you will need to pay up.

Well even I personally think that you should be building your own damn PC.I mean instead of using your PC as a black box completely you must at least know what are the components in the PC case.

Not just by looking at the bill but also physically after looking at the components themselves.

Building your PC will not only boost your confidence but will also make you feel satisfied at the end of the day when you see the output on the screen after you managed to put together the parts.

 This feeling is awesome especially for the people building their system for the 1st time. The 1st time builds are always exciting whether you are an adult or a kid it does not matter at all. In my case I’m excited for any builds just as if it was my 1st time.

A more serious advantage you receive after building your own computer is that now you are not afraid to just pop open the CPU chassis and look for any clues in case you would have to do some hardware troubleshooting as you’ll already be comfortable with handling the components and removing or attaching them as your have already done it while building the PC.

You are more confident while cleaning your PCs and as a matter of fact you should do it about 4 times a year here's a link you can check out on why you should do it.

If this gets more enjoyable to you , then you can also take it up with the commercial people and charge the consumers as it will bring you some potential earnings.

You can also get to learn new things about the components and how they fit or what adjustments do they need before installing which can help you to choose out your PC part more cautiously in the future or you can help someone doing this for the 1st time as there is always a fear of a component not fitting or working the way it should.

You can basically challenge yourself for a more complex build after you are done with the simple ones and believe me they are totally satisfying at the end of the day!!!

Below are some summarization of the advantages of building your own PC :

  1. Satisfaction 
  2. Confidence to go on for another PC assembling after accomplishing the 1st build.
  3. Knowledge of the components you are using (how they fit , how to remove them ,again install them etc)
  4. Can turn out to be a business as a service provider.


I certainly think that every person who owns a PC at home should try building a PC on their own as there are tonnes and tonnes of videos out there on YouTube with every detail of step and also there are tonnes of videos for troubleshooting the most likely issue that you might face when building one.

And simply its not even hard to build one with the components that are found now days in the market it's just like a game of LEGO where you just need to fit the component where it is designed to fit naturally and everything will just blend and start working together as one piece.

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