Sunday, May 17, 2020

NVIDIA’s new launch of Ampere A100 GPU

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang introduced the new NVIDIA A100 GPU in the recent GPU Technology Conference (GTC) held in May 2020 rather than it's traditional month on March due to the ongoing crisis of COVID-19. A100  is based on the new Ampere architecture of TSMC's 7nm process. This GPU architecture is targeted towards the AI acceleration for Enterprise level and datacenter  services.
NVIDIA’s new launch of Ampere A100 GPU

NVIDIA claims that there's a huge leap in performance approximately by 20x with the Ampere architecture in the AI training and inference.
NVIDIA also introduced the new multi-instance GPU (MiG) for more powerful virtualization in cloud computing and helping the cloud service providers (CSPs) for seamless continuity in their services.Delivering upto 7x more GPU performances in MiG configuration of A100.
NVIDIA A100 supports NVLink 3.0 it is like connecting multiple GPUs to create one big virtual GPU. In this case the GPU-GPU connection bandwidth is 50 Gb/s per pair which is very high and provides a lot of performance boost for the AI applications.
The NVIDIA A100 also supports a 40 GB of High Bandwidth Memory version 2  reaching speeds upto 1555 Gb/s and imagine linking up there ampere GPUs for greater performance.This is a very huge improvement over the last gen Tesla architecture close to 7x increase as compared to V100.
The A100 has a die size of 86mm2 hosting upto 54.2 billion transistors which is almost 2.5x the previous generation 12nm Tesla architecture
Now NVIDIA newer tensor cores support TF32 due to which it can claim the large improvement over the Tesla architecture. 
With the introduction of the A100 Ampere GPU NVIDIA will also be introducing other enterprise based products one of which is the EGX 100 another cloud based solution.
This is a commercial based GPU for enterprise and Cloud service providers...if you want more information regarding the GPU performance , specification and its comparison with the previous gen Tesla you can visit the below link.
What should Gamers Expect ?
Well as of now we can say that NVIDIA can launch the gaming platform GPUs in the same 7nm architecture providing an even greater performance boost that the recent Turing architecture. 
Although it is not confirmed but it is to be expected as AMD is has announced huge improvement in its GPU architecture and threatening the sales of the NVIDIA GPUs in the market.
Presently NVIDIA is still pretty much the king of GPU sellers in the market so that is why no major changes were made in the past years as the GPU sales were stable and almost all of the GPUs get sold out the moment they are introduced in the retail market.